Sustainable Change or politics

What does a tax on carbon emissions solve?

How do current fossil fuel subsidies support pollution? 

How can a person understand environmental issues living in a big-city apartment?

What is sustainable?

Building A gimp and Chickens in a circular urban farm model

Two years ago, my wife and I pursued a more sustainable lifestyle. Motivated by a desire to reduce our impact on our community, we quickly discovered the financial sense it would make in our lives. Getting rid of construction waste and our monthly dumpster bill was the topic that spurred our desire to save money and find a solution for the garbage. I’m sad to say we have yet to find the answer to that issue. We did, however, start a program that saves us money in gas costs and reduces our personal waste. Our enjoyment of using practical solutions that kept our family money led to our interest in self-sufficiency. We focused on gardening and raising chickens to develop a backyard farm. We did not know that we were becoming part of a new community. 

Like everyone else who started working toward self-sufficiency, we knew there were many challenges. The biggest challenge was how we could afford the growth. We planned a farm that would best fit our circumstances. We thought the first decisions needed to address the minimal backyard size. We also need to decide what to use for energy. These challenges require creative solutions that take advantage of all the resources we produce at our home. By materials, I mean trash and waste. 

We list the steps below.

  • Planning and material collection
  • building a small greenhouse
  • building a coop
  • redoing the gardens to incorporate a more giant greenhouse
  • arranging chicken pasturing with the neighbor
  • renewable energy planning

I installed a small greenhouse using repurposed windows and recycled lumber from remodeling demolition. It is a lean-to style in the southwest protected inside corner of my house. The need for a temporary coop overcame my intention to grow plants all winter for our backyard chickens. We currently keep 18 chickens in the space and use their poop to build a growing medium for starting plants. We combine Shred, a product we sell for pet bedding, with peat moss, organic waste, and soil to make worm bedding and seed starter. After I complete construction for our larger coop, the chickens will move, and the current space will be a worm and mealworm farm and plant growing greenhouse. The current set-up is self-sufficient, with chicken feed being supplied partially by food scraps and chicken waste repurposed to fertilizer. Of course, the chickens provide us food. 

I believe the only way to learn anything is to do it.

I’ve read and even studied sustainability in college but raising chickens has taught me about making the most of your resources. We started our experience buying chicks from the local farm supply store only hens. Our intention was to eat and share the eggs and add to our flock. My first coop was adequate, and our hens started laying about 4 months after we got them. Being hand-raised, they were like pets. They became part of the neighborhood and the family. We gave away many eggs and ate some and, with much delight, watched our chickens grow. We hatched chicks as our second laying season approached. Enthusiastic friends shared with us the fertilized eggs. I planned and started building a coop, and we hatched 13 chicks on our first attempt. The enclosure was underway, and things were coming together nicely just as life got in the way. With the new coop on hold, we had to repurpose the greenhouse. We hatched 21 chicks over the winter and integrated the flock into the greenhouse. The experience is gratifying and educational. The biggest lesson I learned is that we have plenty of space in our backyard for this venture for now. The limiting factor is time. 

Our chicken project went from getting fresh eggs to a circular journey. We collect cardboard and paper waste and shred it for bedding, intercepting it from the waste stream. We need the used bedding to provide structure to our backyard soil and create a seed starter mix for our garden. It adds to soil absorption and corrects soil compaction problems while providing nitrogen fertilizer. We fed some of our kitchen waste to our flock. And the chickens produce protein for or family and neighbors. We now have enough hens and roosters for our community to regenerate and have only used one-tenth of the space we have to continue or adventure. 

We will build our more enormous greenhouse, complete our chicken coop, and get started on our off-the-grid energy system. I support the idea that we need local change to become environmentally responsible members of the world community. Without the understanding learned through experience, it is impossible to find reasonable solutions for our global crisis.   

Me and Oliver in L.A.
A box of Shred in our greenhouse (makeshift coop)

Forced Integration

1/9/2022 was historical as we ended segregation and forced cultural diversity at A Gimp and Chickens. We decided to hatch and raise backyard chickens in November. This morning we had chickens from 3 broods and one senior member confined in separate areas. Since chickens establish pecking orders and adjust their habits to their environments, I expected resistance to integration. I braved the position of integration enforcement officer without riot gear. Upon combining the flock, I was pleasantly surprised that only a few skirmishes arose, and I had chosen the proper attire for the job

The group separated into two dynamics, social and dominant, and the group established pecking order. Of course, the dominant members still oppose one another, but tolerance would describe them. The group explored and interacted with each other. After the group leader, the social interaction became a mix of excitement and cautiousness. The chickens quickly segregated themselves back to their original groups and separated their environment into comfortable neighborhoods. I watched the progress through the day and imagined chickens are like people.

I believe that flocks fall into the primary group category. Families, close friends, and gangs fit into this section. I will enjoy watching and learning about the group’s traits from this perspective.

Our youngest generation
Two generations the middle children younger ones huddled in the corner and the feet of the older one

And there is one senior chicken introduced today she is the leader.

Henny mixed with Crow’s generation the younger group is in the Coop above

Imagine a world where the media controlled its profits by causing hysteria

The Con

Remember Rod Sterling? Imagine if you will a world held hostage by fear. By the companies taking it to the cleaners…… I wish that this was a story from the Twilight Zone.

As 2021 ends, I find myself traveling from the central Midwest to northwest Arizona, trying to enjoy breakfast at the hotel. The morning after our first stop, I saw COVID hysteria on the news. I seldom watch TV, but, in this case, it confirmed the research I started earlier that week inspired by a ridiculous Facebook meme. The post implied that liberal scientists can prove climate change. The response to the meme was that liberal scientists can’t even determine the sex of a child. The spark ignited within gets to the heart of common sense. The post inspired several hundred heated comments about social justice, sexual identity, political beliefs, and a range of emotions. I believe the people responding should have a place to vent; however, only a few responses contained something referred to as common sense. I know very well that perception is the basis of opinion. My condition as a gimp described as 100% physically disabled by our federal system, which has to work more than full time to survive, places me very close to reality. The COVID era has increased the gap between the elite and the public, and people still haven’t noticed that arguments about things that make absolutely no sense only lead to the division of the masses, by the way, that’s us. Ideas like gender identification, equal rights, political correctness, social justice, and environmental responsibility are as old as viruses. Yet, we carry on like the progress addressing these subjects in the past needs to be reinvented, and it makes no difference that the fresh path is being engineered by the elites. No wonder everyone is confused. The hidden issue we face as citizens is censorship. Who controls our sources of information? Are our sources reliable? Do we make or can we make reasonable decisions based on the information being promoted? The meme that inspired me to share my opinion’s inferred that if a scientist was liberal, it affects their objectivity. That is not science. You cannot mix science and politics without censorship or manipulation. The meme then insults liberal thinking by attacking gender identity like the first statement, manipulating science. Reasonable people can see this, or if that is so, why does it start so much emotion?

The meme was about the scientific theory about Global Warming. When we research the evidence that comes to us as historical data, it’s safe to say it supports the theory. The cycle has historical significance during the development of our planet. The evidence also shows that the environmental correction for global warming is Global Freezing. Why then, if I can find these reasonable findings, all we do is argue about the faults of the other suggested theories or the political maneuvering that surround the subject. I have yet to meet a scientist that disputes Global Warming. However, many related questions surround that subject that some of them are interested in. I don’t think it’s an accident; I just described the scientific process in a nutshell. I believe that most of the information that has been fed to the public has been extracted from the scientific context it was presented in and manipulated to cause certain reactions designed to serve the purpose of the elite group presenting it. This process in the business world is known as marketing, and it has permeated every facet of our lives. What is the big deal is probably your reaction to that statement. I care about it, though, because it means that instead of positive discussion between reasonable people, the idea of climate change serves to divide citizens, and their differences are not based on facts; marketing that serves greedy elites leads them. Global Warming serves as a perfect example of how society in the US works.

 Global Warming is a scientific concern and a threat to human existence. It is also an opportunity for elite control freaks to funnel the public into different but predictable groups that will ultimately be described as liberal and conservative. The practice will form an environment where targeted marketing will effectively generates a reliable income stream for greedy freaks. Might I suggest Fraud! It gets better as this noble cause has generated a large lobby to further extract money from the public or taxpayer again funds that are never used to mitigate global warming. After he was vice president, Al Gore championed the cause and witnessed how much money he could be siphon for the noble cause. I only love this example because it’s so obvious it’s not original many businesses have found ways to guarantee profits and manipulate environments for the sake of the greater good.

The profits being gleaned by creating and manipulating COVID hysteria and the government’s total cooperation in the wholesale fraud overshadow the disgust I have for how global warming is being used to exploit the public. We have suffered a year and a half of COVID hysteria, and the 2 tenths of a percent rise in death rate hardly confirm the so-called pandemic. Two-tenths of a percent increase in yearly death rates are consistent over the last decade. Webster publishes a book of definitions that hardly coincide with the era’s new definitions. Words like pandemic, virus, quarantine, and vaccine seem to have gained new meanings designed to change societies’ perceptions of reality. There are many inconsistencies of contradicting facts about the virus. Some of my favorites are how it ravages families at their get-togethers but hardly attends sporting events. Or 2 weeks of masks will slow the spread or get tested even though we can’t treat you, or you can be contagious after you get the vaccine, or my recent favorite cases are spreading worse than ever, but school attendance is more important. I mistakenly spent the last year assuming that the government mandates were about control. This was a joint effort between the government and the pharmaceutical companies to profit from fear-driven exploitation. I live in Illinois. Upon the arrival of the pandemic, our state was facing bankruptcy caused by years of extreme government corruption. The new governor was raising taxes, and the state was facing a financial crisis enter COVID, and the crisis is on hold as though it wasn’t real. The result is a corrupt state government is protected, and the mandates cause social division. The hatred between liberal and conservative mounts and tensions grow, each side blaming the other for the hysteria that fuels the greatest CON ever experienced.

Words manipulated and misused to support the CON I have borrowed the definitions from the brief descriptions are my opinion.

            Definition of virus

1a: any of a large group of submicroscopic infectious agents that are usually regarded as nonliving extremely complex molecules, that typically contain a protein coat surrounding an RNA or DNA core of genetic material but no semipermeable membrane, that is capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells, and that cause various important diseases in humans, animals, and plants alsoFILTERABLE VIRUS

ba disease or illness caused by a virus

cthe causative agent of an infectious disease


The new virus, as reported, was developed in a lab in China and was reported to be super contagious and have the potential to kill 2.2 million US citizens. The CON grossly overestimated and perpetuated the hysteria caused by the health agencies. The misinformation led to governments using the emergency protocol beyond past means, imposing their power to the point of concern of many. The result is less confidence in the purported guardians of authority and public health. Implied intelligence is a characteristic of COVID and can limit the spread of common viruses. Reported flu cases were nonexistent in 2020.

Definition of pandemic (Entry 2 of 2)

1: an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affects a significant proportion of the populationa pandemic outbreak of a disease global pandemic influenza pandemics seem to strike every few decades and to kill by the million—at least 1m in 1968; perhaps 100m in the “Spanish” flu of 1918-19.— The Economist

2: an outbreak or product of sudden rapid spread, growth, or developmentEPIDEMIC entry 2 sense 2We have been talking about the pandemic of racism for centuries.— Roger GriffithNobel-prize-winning economist Robert Shiller warns a pandemic of fear could tip the economy into an undeserved depression.— Stephanie Landsman


The virus meets the definition of a pandemic, but; reporters used the word to create a feeling of panic that included the entire world. As defined, we have lived through many flu pandemics. Why were they not publicized like COVID? Might I suggest a CON?  The definition of pandemic pales compared to the use of the word to perpetuate mass fear.

Essential Meaning of quarantine

1the period of time during which a person or animal that has a disease or that might have a disease is kept away from others to prevent the disease from spreading a six-month quarantine


Quarantines have a long history as a tool to mitigate the spread of viruses. We decided to spin shelter-in-place off of the quarantine idea as a further method to control the expected rate of infection. Another measure was quarantining the hospital system, limiting treatments and ongoing care for people who needed it. The hospital area needed to be quarantined, further adding to the death toll. As a society, we decided it was okay to return the infected elderly patients to their nursing homes sickly quarantining every nursing home resident from the world whether they were infected. The idea of quarantine changed healthcare. I know two people that died from lack of treatment because of COVID policy. One of them was 39 leaving a young family.   

Definition of vaccine

1a preparation that is administered (as by injection) to stimulate the body’s immune response against a specific infectious agent or disease: such as

a: an antigenic preparation of a typically inactivated or attenuated (see ATTENUATED sense 2) pathogenic agent (such as a bacterium or virus) or one of its components or products (such as a protein or toxin)a trivalent influenza vaccine oral polio vaccine any vaccines are made from the virus itself, either weakened or killed, which will induce antibodies to bind and kill a live virus. Measles vaccines are just that, weakened (or attenuated) measles viruses.— Ann Finkbeiner et al.… a tetanus toxoid-containing vaccine might be recommended for wound management in a pregnant woman if [greater than or equal to] 5 years have elapsed … .— Mark Sawyer et al.In addition, the subunit used in a vaccine must be carefully chosen, because not all components of a pathogen represent beneficial immunological targets.— Thomas J. Matthews and Dani P. Bolognesi

b: a preparation of genetic material (such as a strand of synthesized messenger RNA) used by the body’s cells to produce an antigenic substance (such as a fragment of virus spike protein)… Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine … works by injecting a small piece of mRNA from the coronavirus that codes for the virus’ spike protein. … mRNA vaccine spurs the body to produce the spike protein internally. That, in turn, triggers an immune response.— Susie Neilson et al.The revolutionary messenger RNA vaccines that are now available have been over a decade in development. … Messenger RNA enters the cell cytoplasm and produces protein from the spike of the Covid-19 virus.— Thomas F. CozzaViral vector vaccines, another recent type of vaccine, are similar to DNA and RNA vaccines. Still, the virus’s genetic information is housed in an attenuated virus (unrelated to the disease-causing virus) that helps to promote host cell fusion and entry.— Priya Kaur

NOTE: Vaccines may contain adjuvants (such as aluminum hydroxide) designed to enhance the strength and duration of the body’s immune response.

2: a preparation or immunotherapy used to stimulate the body’s immune response against noninfectious substances, agents, or diseases. The U.S. Army is also testing a ricin vaccine and has reported success in mice.— Sue Goetinck Ambrose… many of the most promising new cancer vaccines use dendritic cells to train the immune system to recognize tumor cells.— Patrick Barry


Vaccines have a history of controlling some of the most notorious viruses, Small Pox and polio are examples. They cause an immune response leading to antibodies that create immunity by definition. When enough people are protected, herd immunity is achieved, and the virus has no host subjects therefore regresses. Current liability laws offer complete immunity from repercussions to vaccine producers. The current COVID vaccines only limit symptoms if infected with COVID reducing the healthcare burden but, reduced venerability is questionable. The vaccinated can even carry and spread the virus to others. It seems the only immunity created by the shot is immunity from manufacturer responsibility. This is a perfect example of how the Guardians of public health (government) and the vaccine manufacturers work together to ignore the people’s best interests affected by public health mismanagement.  

The CON uses well-documented crowd manipulation and propaganda manipulation techniques. This is not a conspiracy. Instead, I argue it’s a con of the masses perpetuated by the elite class. The techniques used are historical and have been honed and prepared to take advantage of the world population. Though older than the past world wars, the same very effective manipulation strategies are used. I will plug examples of the COVID era into an outline from a WW2 leader.

Appeal to the masses: He also warns to avoid the intelligent.

 They based initial decisions on grossly exaggerated predictions. As a country, we followed the most drastic measures like a shelter in place, quarantines, mask mandates, and other measures used in countries previously infected with no measurable advantages. Reports from scientists that didn’t fit the con narrative are censored. The pre propaganda actions, mandates, and crowd control policies were imposed simultaneously with targeted propaganda designed to reinforce the message for the masses.  

Target the emotions: “[Propaganda] must be aimed at the emotions and only to a minimal degree at the so-called intellect.”

At its onset, case numbers and death reports because of the target of news and information outlets. Coupled with the advertised lack of understanding about the spread and common personal protection, fear was the emotion targeted.

Keep your message simple: “It is a mistake to make propaganda many-sided…The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous.”

The simple message propagated was to expect mass causality.  

Prepare your audience for the worst-case scenario.

The advertised infection rate of the virus was as much as 10 times that of the flu, and the resulting cases would overwhelm hospitals. It also advertised the effectiveness of treatment and supply of equipment needed as inadequate. With fear being the tool used to focus the propaganda, early death toll predictions approached 3 million in the US.  

Make no half statements:

They designed the emphasis of the propaganda to eliminate reasonable objection. Scientific experts that disagreed with the narrative were censored. The media continued the massage of death and fear for 18 months so far, with no end in sight. New variants, boosters for ineffective vaccines, increased cases, and hospital shortages remain prevalent propaganda subjects.  

Repeat your message constantly:

The simple message aimed at the masses that follow through complacency or we have constantly repeated ignorance through government and media propaganda. The gatekeepers/guardians of public “good” spend tax dollars on advertising to support the story. Keeping the message simple and consistent is easy to imitate, so even the masses support the Con.   

“The Nazi Party in Germany used propaganda to develop a cult of personality around Hitler. Historians such as Ian Kershaw emphasize the psychological impact of Hitler’s skill as an orator.[45] Neil Kressel reports, “Overwhelmingly … Germans speak with mystification of Hitler’s ‘hypnotic’ appeal”.[46] Roger Gill states: “His moving speeches captured the minds and hearts of a vast number of the German people: he virtually hypnotized his audiences.”[47] Hitler was especially effective when he could absorb the feedback from a live audience, and listeners would also be caught up in the mounting enthusiasm.[48] He looked for signs of fanatic devotion, stating that his ideas would then remain “like words received under a hypnotic influence.”[49][50]” ( The similarities are striking, and like Hitler, the largest benefactors of the current Con control all the narrative. The government and pharmaceutical companies are actually more responsible than the perpetrators. However, supporting the propaganda in the name of the “greater good,” the chosen role of our government, gives the Con credibility. Thus, suggesting conspiracy is the subject of another opinion.

The mistake I assumed was that the Government and the pharmaceutical/healthcare industries were the key players in this debacle. I was disappointed to find that the companies benefiting are also in control of the propaganda and the entire situation. News reports claimed a nearly 16% increase in death rates when the increases were 2 tenths of a percent nationwide. During the crisis, the companies telling the stories that misled the country benefited the most Microsoft 1.68 trillion gain Facebook 778.34 billion gain The Con is being carried out by Media companies that can control the story, exhort influence on the government, and grossly profit from the results.      

C. S. Lewis Quote on Tyrannies

“Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.  It may be better to live under robber barons than under the omnipotent moral busybodies.  The robber barons cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

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A gimp and chickens

A Gimp and Chickens
As the world deals with COVID chaos and political and economic strife, my decision to start a journey toward self-sufficiency has never made more sense. The lifestyle has always been my dream and has turned into a passion after years of interest. The last week’s planning sessions involving my wife and me and our internet resources gave me confidence in my dream. The direction in my life has always started as a random group of disruptive events. The 2020 United States COVID invasion provided plenty of events that invoked every emotion but mostly motivation to choose a path that celebrated my freedom. The crazy thing is my life’s courses are determined by independence and freedom. My construction business of 35+ years, of which 20 years spent fighting chronic infection, led to me becoming a gimp. Getting my foot on the ground was easy compared to losing my eldest son a year and a half into my recovery. Today I’m physically recovered, and my construction business is comfortable. Still, the COVID attitude and challenges, along with the physical rigors, have taken the joy out of it. I’m excited to begin a new adventure.

The invasion of COVID in 2020 upset most of our lives. From toilet paper shortages to extreme panic, the intrusion touched all of our lives. The government even started handing out money. As a small business owner, the future challenges were unpredictable. After March, the business year became a roller coaster ride. Resulting in a process that condensed a normal 10-year business cycle into 10 months. We worked through the first two months but with no success in attaining additional work for the season. The COVID stimulus sparked a boom in new sales. In response, we expanded. The progress seemed undaunted by the virus until we couldn’t get the material we needed to perform on our contracts. Okay, we were still busy and had a year’s worth of work, so much in fact that we couldn’t find enough help causing us to raise pay. However, the first onset of inflation, the supply issues stretched jobs out to where the negative impact on cash flow coupled with expansion costs was a looming problem. The snowball had already changed to abominable. Small business owners are being attacked. The rewards for effort have been negative lately, and for the first time in my life, we are facing food shortages. After careful reflection and disgust with the looming COVID attitude, we pursued our passion.

I have always had a keen interest in environmental issues. The balance between the Native Americans and their environment has drawn me to seek all the publications I could find on the subject. Personal freedom is also a subject that influenced me. In his book, my favorite mountaineer Reinhold Messner stated, “what most people know about freedom is only the word.” I considered that statement a challenge and defined what freedom meant to me, and stood for it. That choice resulted in my most significant challenges and my best experiences. The decision to start a small backyard farm represents the beliefs I developed over my lifetime. Most of our food will be provided from our gardens and be produced using organic practices. We plan to make products from recycling and composting methods or using food scraps for feed. The current inflation will positively affect our new venture. Most people don’t consider freedom and farming related, but preparing for this journey has produced joy and focus in my life. The intersection of learning and leaning on my past talent is rewarding.

A Facebook page called A Gimp and Chickens page serves to record and share the journey. We plan to produce chickens and eggs, mealworms, red worms, worm compost, and frass. We also compost the yard and other organic waste for our plant garden and plan to add two greenhouses that will allow us to produce year-round. The biggest challenge so far is to control my excitement and remain patient during my progress. The materials we need for coups and greenhouses are mostly recovered from my construction businesses projects. One goal we have is responsible citizenship. Recycling and reusing reduce our impact on our community and save us tons of money, helping us progress rapidly. Meeting the demands of my current business during the transition is my biggest struggle; however, the joy from pursuing my dream has offset the burden.

Attitude is everything, and a good one will provide energy and allow optimism. Thanks to the disruptive events caused by the COVID invasion and the climate it caused, I’m now pursuing my passions and experiencing fulfillment. We recognized the value of saving a reusing material from our construction business to build our far enterprise. The greenhouses and chicken coups under construction today are using mainly recovered materials saving us thousands. Our first offering as a product is bedding made from recycled cardboard. We are excited about the future.

I was tired of waiting
My first prostetic
Our first hatch
The hens that ignited the passion

Technology at Aldehyde Inc

April 3, 2018


Chemical Technology of Aldehydes, Inc.


Aldehydes, Incorporated possesses unique chemical technology that allows us to be diversified in a wide range of chemistry. The corporate entity retains the confidential intellectual property needed to perform a variety of synthetic and manufacturing processes of chemicals on an economic and ecological friendly bases.


We have developed regiospecfic and limitedly controlled reactions. For example, fumaric acid, which is a di-acid, can be esterified to the monomethyl ester. The monomethyl ester can then be chemically reduced to fumaric semialdehyde; a product that is difficult and expensive to synthesize by conventional methods.  Also, the mono-ester of fumaric semialdehyde can be produced by partial reduction of diethyl fumarate. This product is in high demand in the perfume industry.  We produced 1,5-dimethyl ester of citric acid in a one-step synthesis. The carboxylic acid and hydroxyl group in the 3 position of this di-ester was easily converted to a keto-group; creating dimethyl acetone dicarboxylate. Conventional methods for producing this chemical require harsh environmentally unfriendly catalysts such as concentrated or fuming sulfuric acid. This compound is a starting material for syntheses of cyclic and hetero-bicyclic compounds for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, atropine is manufactured from this starting compound. Atropine is an antidote to insecticide and nerve gas poisoning. It is also used as a preanesthetic medication for animals.  


We can economically convert esters to aldehydes. The process is environmentally friendly; producing pure products at high yields. By-products are easily separated from the reaction mixture and can be recycled or converted to fuel. Aldehydes are highly reactive and therefore participate in many reactions. In industry, aldehydes are used to prepare plasticizers, polyols and alcohols. Aldehydes can be converted to olefins which in turn can be used to make polymers for the plastic industry. Because of their high reactivity, aldehydes are used for drug manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. We have scaled up processes for manufacturing some aldehydes such as maleic semialdehyde and succinic semialdehyde. Succinic semialdehyde is use to study succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency. The aldehyde has been marketed by other companies only in small quantities at 90% purity.


An economical process has been developed for manufacturing organoboronic acids. These compounds are in great demand in the pharmaceutical industry because they partake in the Suzuki coupling reaction to form modern day pharmaceuticals. Our process could be scaled up to manufacture large quantities of these products.


Using our technology, organic-halogen (Chloride, Bromide, Fluoride) compounds can be prepared without using toxic halogenating reagents such as phosphorous trichloride, phosgene or sulfonyl halides. By-products from this process have practical application. This is definitely an environmental friendly process.

A new coupling reaction was developed for bonding organic halogens to other compounds.  Like other processes, our process does not use any metals such as sodium, lithium or magnesium. Benzyl chloride was reacted with ethyl 3-oxopropanoate to form ethyl 2-benzyl-3-oxopropanoate. The reaction is regiospecfic; allowing bonding to occur at the desire site without disturbing other chemical groups of the host molecule.


Our chemical technology has been used to develop a corrosion resistant gearbox oil for aircrafts. The oil is far superior to any Corrosion Inhibiting (CI) oil on the market today. The same principle used to make this oil could apply to developing non-chromate corrosion resistant paints and coatings.


We are developing chemistry that will allow us to create plasticizer-free polymers. Plasticizer will no longer be necessary to make soft and flexible plastics. These plastics will be used to make seals, elastomers and food packages.


We are having some success in converting cellulose into methane. The ultimate goal is to have an energy independent company.


With Aldehydes’ chemical technology, I see infinite possibilities for manufacturing new chemicals and materials in an ecologically friendly environment at reasonable cost.  



About 16 years have gone by since I started my journey with the healthcare system with what I believed would be an easily solved problem with a random toe infection. I found the cure 6 months ago that not a single MD suggested to me. During that time, I met hundreds of MDs at different hospitals and was diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, heart disease, chronic infection, and bone infection. My experience in the first year was Dr visits and antibiotics that led to a toe amputation. At that point, I thought things were under control and I had no doubt that I would recover. Three months later I was in the emergency room and I asked the Dr what my chances were of getting out of the hospital that day. He responded, “pretty good. We don’t keep dead people here. You probably will die this afternoon”. I spent six weeks there and my life in the system began. I continued to get worse for the next 14 years and discovered why they call it a system. Since I didn’t fit into the standard system, all they could do for me was treat my symptoms until I passed and every place I was treated used the same exact technique right down to the prescription medicine. It seemed that the healthcare system is set up to maintain my illness and it measured success by whether or not I survived, no matter how much worse I got. About 7 years ago, I started to question my treatment and asked if there was a chance that I would be cured and not a single Dr would answer that question or discuss treatment options. I began to accept the fact that this condition was going to kill me. I was far from ready to give up though and started to do research and treat my infections using natural remedies with some success. By this time, however, everything that helped treat the infections served only to prolong the pain and suffering. I could barely work 3 months a year if at all, and my illness had taken over my life completely. Death was just around the corner and it looked like a good option most days. I needed something to change and finally, about 3 years ago, it did. I had a heart attack and during the procedure to place stints the Dr noticed damage from my previous heart attack I didn’t know I had had. Finally, we figured out what was causing my infections, however that made no difference in my treatment. I did benefit from having improved circulation for a year and I made it without being hospitalized. Unfortunately, the illness returned with a vengeance the next year. I got the worst infection I ever had, and I was sure the Drs couldn’t help based on my past experience. I tried everything I could to stop the infection. I was near death when I went to see a local Dr, but he wasn’t accepting new patients so his receptionist recommended I go see Dr Kirchner, a chiropractor, that had a reputation for helping people the system failed. He knew what I needed within 10 minutes of meeting me. The problem was I didn’t meet him in time to save my foot.  I ended up back in the hospital where I received my last amputation below the knee of my left leg. When I was released I still was unable to digest food and still have bone infection in my right foot. I went back to Dr Kirchner as soon as I could we started to address my digestive issues and immune system issues with diet and supplements and I started circulation therapy. Had I known about this circulation therapy when this started I could have recovered and not been stuck in the healthcare system that knew about this therapy.  It was discovered in the 1940s, however, it can’t be recommended because it’s not covered by insurance or legal in some states. In many ways, I feel the system failed me, also I feel it restricts Drs to the point in cases like mine where they are unable to help even though they know the answers. During my experience, I also noticed how well the system can work when I had my heart attack.

Would it make more sense if the system was set up to cure or improve patients’ health problems rather than trying to fit them into categories so they can all be treated the same?

Who or what industries set up this system?

Shouldn’t Drs be free to advise their patients instead of always following the systems guidelines?

Shouldn’t you be able to decide if you want to be treated by your family Dr instead of the specialist?

Shouldn’t all of your healthcare options be considered and offered instead of just the ones allowed by the system?